Special Techniques

When designing your component part you may want to incorporate some roll forming techniques that can add functionality to your finished product. Hemming, beading, tear-dropping and ribbing are just some of examples of what Precision Rollform Technologies can do in the roll forming process to enhance your roll formed profile. Hemming creates a softer edge so that parts may be more safely handled, and it also adds stiffness. Beading, also known as grooving or pinching, allows for sharper radii in heavier gage material. The bending of short ears as pictured below is sometimes only possible with corner beading. Tear-dropping creates a smooth outer edge for safe handling, and adds an aesthetic feature as well. An effective technique to increase part rigidity is to add ribbing along the web surface. With sixty years of experience we have lots of “tricks” that can benefit your part design. Send us your prints for evaluation. Contact us now.