In-Line Punching

Roll formed parts often require hole punching along the length of the part. These hole, notch or tab patterns can be at regular or irregular intervals in either custom roll formed profiles or standard roll formed shapes. For the roll forming process it is advisable to design holes outside of the bend lines to avoid edge distortion. Our engineering staff will evaluate the hole patterns and locations to determine the best way to accomplish this task in-line. If the punching can be done in-line in a seamless process of punching, forming and cutting to length, the customer is saved the expense of secondary punching operations. Precision Rollform Technologies utilizes a unique proprietary programmable servo-controlled hydraulic punching system that is placed in-line. All hole, notches or tabs are precisely punched on the flat metal strip before it enters the roll forming die stations. By matching the travel speed of the pre- punch die with the line speed of the material we are able to punch on the fly with precision and speed that exceed industry standards. After the profile is fully roll formed, it is then cut off to precise length with the same programmable servo-controlled system. Contact us to learn more.