Precision Rollform Technologies

For more than 60 years we have been fabricating metal parts through a process known as roll forming. Through decades of maturity, we have gained the know-how necessary to offer quality contract production services for an endless variety of custom parts. Our experience with large production runs for diverse products has enabled us to meet precise technical specifications with minimal production costs. We are now among the select few roll forming companies that can not only design a custom set of roll formed tooling to produce unique shapes, but also feature an engineering staff to assist in part design as well.

To get a sense of the variety of shapes that our engineers can produce through roll forming, consider these standard shapes: U Channels, Box Channels, Angles, Hat Sections, C Channels, Z Channels, and more. Each of these shapes can be engineered with very tight tolerances. Send us your drawings and we will evaluate their suitability for the roll forming process and offer suggestions to maximize production efficiency.


Precision Rollform Technologies was established in 1951 by two Swedish craftsmen who brought together their talents in traditional metal bending techniques. Their first roll formed product was a mirror support which connected mirror to dresser. This product is still in widespread use in the retail furniture industry. Beginning with this simple but functional roll formed product, the new startup company began developing custom metal shapes utilizing the then "secret sauce" of roll forming technology inherited from the skilled metal bending practitioners of the golden age of American industrial know-how. The two craftsmen were soon displaying their talents to a host of industries including: metal office furniture, heating and air conditioning, RF and sound shielding construction, windows and doors, exit hardware, and many more.

In 1964, Precision Rollform Technologies was acquired by AVM Corporation and in 1990 was spun off to be become a now much larger stand alone private company. With the advent of the computer revolution gaining full steam in the 1990s and thereafter, Precision Rollform Technologies devised and developed unique computerized methods of increasing production speed and efficiency. From 1990 to the present this leader in roll form engineering and production has leaped to the forefront of metal bending companies in North America.

In 2016 the original company name was changed to Precision Rollform Technologies to reflect the company’s growing national reputation as a developer of computerized roll form technology for the production of close tolerance roll formed profiles with in-line punching requirements.