Custom Shapes

The roll formed profiles pictured below represent just a small sampling of the custom and complex roll formed designs that we have provided for our customers. Some profiles have multiple bends while other profiles that are asymmetrical present special challenges. The normal procedure is for us to design the roll die tooling to form a unique shape, set it up for a trial run, receive first piece approval from customer, and then proceed to do the full production run. Sometimes we will need to incorporate in-line punching, side rollers, or special bending techniques. We roll form for a variety of industries such as door hardware, vinyl windows, metal office furniture, drawer slides, marine construction, and specialty shielding rooms. With sixty years of experience behind us we make difficult roll forming look easy, and in all cases prove that the roll forming process is a preferred solution for challenging profiles. If you would like us to put our roll forming expertise to work for you, send us your part drawings for evaluation and quotation. Contact us.